How To Think Win-Win When Selling Your Home

    As a homeowner your goal should be to have a “win-win” situation when selling your home, and by “win-win” we mean selling your home for the most money, but the big question is how do you do that?

    In this post we will break down three things you can do to ensure a win-win when selling your home.

    #1 – Clean Your Home  Selling A Home

    Regardless if you plan on selling your home next week, or 6 months from now, you should start cleaning your home now to get it ready for sale.

    Start by cleaning those “forgotten” areas of your home like medicine cabinets, closets, and the refrigerator because, buyers will review and inspect EVERYTHING, and if something in your home isn’t working they will wonder what else may be wrong with your home.

    #2 – De-Clutter Your Home

    Since you will be moving out of your home it’s important for you to start getting ready to move NOW by de-cluttering or moving out any unused items from your home which you may not be using right now.

    This step is important because less clutter in your home means that you will have MORE space and a home which has more space will be appealing to buyers.

    #3 – Get a Professional Decorator

    Last of all, but most important, after you’ve cleaned and de-cluttered your home you should next get a decorator for at least one hour to give your ideas on things you can do to improve your home right now.

    What’s great about this step is that it won’t cost you a lot of money and you can walk away with actionable steps for things you can start doing right now to improve your home, especially without spending a lot of money. At Fred Sed Realty, we include free staging with our services so you can have the confidence that your home will look its best when we put it on the market.

    Learn More

    To get started with learning more about things you can do to improve your home and ensure a “win-win” when selling your home, or to view Homes for sale, contact Fred Sed Realty Group today by calling us at (800)921-9231.

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