How To Stage Your Home With Kids

    Selling a home in Orange County is an exciting process but what can make it even more challenging is when children are involved because, young children don’t always understand why their lives are being “up-rooted” and they are being made to vary their routines.

    If your family has children and you are selling home right now we’ve compiled these helpful tips to help make the home sales process go a lot easier.

    One Box Per Child 

    During the home staging process it’s important for parents to re-organize their homes and even remove some of the existing furniture, toys and favorite items that child may have in the home. By making simple changes in a home, it  can make it look bigger and increase the appeal of the home to potential buyers.

    Although staging a home is important it’s also important for you to allow your child to still continue to have their favorite things that they enjoy while at home like toys, books, movies or games.

    You should be able to easily compile their child’s favorite items into one box so that the house can look spotless and organized for an open house or last minute showing.

    Remove Messy Toys

    Any parent who has younger children knows that sometimes younger children have messy toys that they like to play with, or they like to engage in messy activities like finger painting, playing with Play-Doh, Lego’s or blocks. These messy toys should be left packed away in favor of favorite items that can be easily cleaned up in a few minutes when the Orange County realtor is planning on bringing someone by to see the home.

    Reward Cleanliness

    If you are having a difficult time with getting your children to be supportive of selling the house, the simple solution to this problem is to reward your child in some way for them making the extra effort to keep the house clean and presentable at all times.

    This strategy will work, especially with really young children since all children thrive on praise and respond positively to rewards from their parents.

    To learn more great tips about staging a home with children, contact the experienced team of Orange County real estate agents at Fred Sed & Associates today by calling (949) 272-0125.

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