How To Sell Real Estate In Orange County Quickly

    Part 3: Selling an Orange County Home During The Fall

    How To Sell Real Estate In Orange County Quickly

    Many Orange County homeowners have one thing on their mind right now: how to sell real estate in Orange County quickly; thankfully it’s a lot easier than anyone thinks. In the fourth part of this four part series we’re going to cover the hidden secrets that can mean the difference between selling an Orange County home quickly or having a home stay on the market longer than expected.

    Get Rid Of Unexpected Odors 

    One of the biggest problems that gets in the way of a home selling quickly in Orange County is an unexpected odor. Most Orange County realtors know this, but the good news is that odors can be eliminated quickly by following this strategy.

    • Invite a friend over – After the homeowner has thoroughly cleaned their home they should invite a friend over to their home to help inspect the various rooms of their home for offensive smells. This is important since the  homeowner lives in their home, they won’t be able to smell any offensive smells, and it always helps to have an extra nose handy to uncover smells that might be lurking around  the corner.
    • Use vinegar – One of the easiest ways to get rid of offensive smells is to use a vinegar and water mixture with a hint of voilet. This simple mix will help to neutralize offensive smells quickly without the homeowner spending hundreds of dollars on clean up or smell abatement

    Touch Up That Paint Job

    Besides unexpected smells, another big problem that can delay a home sale is a bad paint job. If the home hasn’t been painted in some time, you may want to invest some money in  exterior paint or at the very least, re-paint the home’s doors, garage door, window seals and eaves. A little new paint can go a long way at helping a home to look less weathered and more like it did just after it was built.

    For ideas on what colors to choose for their home, take a walk around their neighborhood to see which colors to choose so the home will blend in with the other homes in the area and not stand out like a “sore thumb”.

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