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    How to Prepare To Move as a First Time Home Buyer

    Being a first time home buyer is great because it means you just purchased a home but, this also means that you will be moving as well.

    For some people moving can be a ‘painful’ experience but the reality is that moving doesn’t have to be painful if you follow our moving tips for first time home buyers.

    Tip #1 – Pack a Suitcase with All of Your Essentials  First TIme Home Buyer

    Your suitcase should include everything you will need the next week like clothes for work, makeup, personal supplies and your laptop if you have to go to work or have an important meeting. It can take a while to get everything unpacked so you want to make sure you’re not too inconvenienced during the transition.

    Tip #2 – Pack a Plastic Bin with All of the Items You Will Need First

    One of the biggest problems that comes with moving into a new home is not being able to find the items you use every day like coffee, creamer, silverware, plates or a hair dryer. To avoid this problem you should pack a clear plastic bin with all of the items you will need first when you get settled into your property.

    Tip #3 – Pack Breakable Items in Clean Socks

    Let’s say that you need to pack the stemware you used at your wedding or your sunglass collection, for best results and to guard against breakage you should pack these items in clean socks because the socks will act as extra padding.

    Tip #4 – Clearly Label Every Box

    Purchase large white labels from your local office store and clearly label every box because this will eliminate confusion when you have to find a box quickly and it will ensure that everyone will be able to read the label rather than having to decipher what’s written on the box.

    Tip #5 – Pre-Clean Your Bathrooms and Kitchen

    Before you move into your new Southern California home you should pre-clean your bathrooms and kitchen because this will eliminate the hassle of having to move boxes out of these areas of your home once you move in before cleaning them.

    Tip #6 – Pack Your Plates Vertically Into Boxes

    If you have a nice chinaware set you should pack your plates vertically into boxes like they are records because this will keep them from breaking.

    Tip #7 – Forward Your Personal Life to Your New Home

    Last of all, but most important, before you are all ready to move into your new home you should forward all mail from your old home to your new home.

    Besides forwarding your mail with the USPS you should also contact each of your creditors and change your addresses with them as well to avoid one of your bills or statements getting delivered to your old home when you no longer live there.

    For more moving tips, or to view the latest Southern California homes for sale, contact Fred Sed Realty today by calling us at (800) 921-9231

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