How To Not Let Buyers Lowball Your Asking Price

    How to not let buyers lowball your asking price

    If you’re trying to sell your Orange County Home you can expect to have at least one home buyer who will submit a lower offer on your home because, they will say that your kitchen, bathrooms or flooring needs to be replaced and the sad reality about dealing with buyers who submit lower offers is that the money you would lose due to their low offer is often times a lot more than what it would have cost you to make the necessary improvements to your home before you decided to list it.

    Make Home Improvements Now 

    Let’s say you plan on listing your Orange County Home for sale in the Spring 2014, that means you have at least another 4 or more months to get your home ready to be listed and sold right now instead of waiting to make improvements at the last minute and being taken by surprise by a home buyer who submits a lower offer for your home due to a needed home improvement that you may have missed.

    Home Improvements on a Budget

    Thanks to the wide variety of stores that we have in Southern California you can make the improvements that your home needs, even while staying within the confines of a budget. Many people put off doing home renovations because, they keep thinking that renovations will be too expensive when the reality is that any homeowner can start making improvements to their Orange County Home right now; and spending a few hundred or thousand dollars now can ultimately help the home to attract the interest of multiple home buyers once it’s finally listed since it will look newer and well-maintained compared to other homes on the same block.

    Where to Start

    The first area of your home that you should start making home improvements to is the front of your home because, that’s the first area that homebuyers will see when they first step foot into your home. You should start by painting your front door and then gradually make improvements to every room of your home until you reach the back of your house.

    For more information on the renovations that you should make to your home, or to view the latest Orange County homes for sale, contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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