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    How To Make Your Real Estate Resolutions A Reality

    How to make your Real Estate resolution a reality

    It’s officially 2014 and as in years past many people have been making New Year’s Resolutions for just about everything. How about you?

    One common New Year’s Resolution that a lot of people have in January of every year is to purchase their own home. But sadly, many people forget about this resolution or the resolution to purchase a home becomes a thing of the past because other things have taken immediate priority.

    Goal Setting Made Easy  

    Let’s say that your number one New Year’s Resolution is to purchase an Orange County home in 2014here’s how you can accomplish your goal.

    1. Create an action plan or steps that you need to follow to purchase a home this year. These steps should include: checking your credit reports, saving money, getting pre-approved for a mortgage, deciding on what you’re looking for in a home, choosing the neighborhoods that you want to search in, and most important of all, hiring an Orange County Realtor.
    2. Use your favorite calendar program to schedule weekly resolution check-ups with yourself to make sure that you’re on track to accomplishing your New Year’s Resolution. This step is important because, thanks to busy lives it’s so easy to get side tracked when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions only to start thinking about them again weeks later.
    3. Find people who have already purchased their own homes and take them out to lunch. Ask question like: how long did it take you to purchase a home, what was your credit at the time, who was your mortgage broker?

    Don’t Get Discouraged with New Year’s Resolution obstacles with a New Year’s Resolution to purchase an Orange County home. As with any New Year’s Resolution, it’s easy to get discouraged when obstacles come up during the year like unexpected bills or financial commitments that have to be paid or resolved first. If you find yourself hitting obstacles on the road to accomplishing your 2014 New Year’s Resolution ask yourself these questions:

    1. How can I still accomplish my resolution in spite of this obstacle?
    2. Who can I ask for help or advice so I can stay on track with accomplishing my New Year’s Resolution?
    3. What steps do I need to follow in order to accomplish my New Year’s Resolution in spite of challenges or obstacles?

    To learn more tips that will help you with accomplishing your New Year’s Resolutions, or to view the latest Orange County Homes for Sale, contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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