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    How To Make Your Home An Urban Retreat, Even If It’s In The Middle Of The City

    At the end of all long day we all want to come home and relax but, sadly, many homes are not places of relaxation and the average Orange County homeowner isn’t able to enjoy being home after a day at work.

    If you’re goal is to make your home more relaxing and turn it into an “urban retreat” you can do that by following these simple steps.

    Make Your Home Feel Bigger  

    You can easily create the illusion of space in your home by doing the following:

    • Use less furniture – Remove the furniture from each room that you don’t regularly use like chairs, big couches or extra love seats.
    • Invest in scents – Each room of your home should be a sensory escape, you can do this by investing in plugin air fresheners or candles, this step will enable the rooms of your home to smell great on a daily basis.
    • Change the lighting – You can easily turn your house into an urban retreat simply by investing in lighting like: floor lamps or wall lamps. Adding more light in a room can help it to feel bigger and make people more inclined to want to stay in a room and enjoy it rather than going to another room.
    • Have fun with paint – If the walls in your home are all white and boring, mix it up by painting the walls of each room a different color, this simple step will help each room to feel different and inviting.

    Your Urban Retreat Can Be Cost Effective

    Decorating can be easy if you first have a plan for each room and then establish a budget that you want to spend for transforming your home into an urban retreat.

    Don’t lose hope if you all of the supplies that you need to decorate your home don’t fall within your budget, you can find matching and similar items simply by utilizing coupons, shopping at your local discount or thrift stores and buying things online that can be easily shipped to your home like: wallpaper, wall fixtures and paints.

    To learn more tips on turning your home into an urban retreat, contact the experienced team of Orange County real estate agents at Fred Sed & Associates by calling (949) 272-0125.

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