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    How To Get Top Dollar For Your Orange County Home

    Do you own a home in Orange County? If you’re like the typical Orange County homeowner you’re interested in learning how to get top dollar for your home because, the current Orange County real estate market is a sellers market and homeowners in Orange County are getting multiple offers on their homes and enjoying a real estate market that reminds many people of the early 2000’s.

    Easy As A,B, C 

    Getting top dollar for your Orange County home is a process that’s as easy
    as A, B and C:

    A. First Impressions – When a prospective buyer visits a home for the first time what are their first impressions? If a home is cluttered with too many things like furniture, and toys, they will think that the home is too small for their needs and they will drive to the next home. To make a home seem bigger, take the time to remove excess items like furniture. Put things in storage and get rid of things you don’t use every day. This will make your life easier and help a prospective Orange County home buyer to imagine themselves living in your home.
    B. Cleanliness – Your home has got to be clean because if a home is dirty, a prospective home buyer will think that unseen items in the home may not have been well maintained as well. We a result, they may be less inclined to see themselves living in your home after they’ve bought it.
    C. Use a little elbow grease – If your realtor recommends that you paint your home’s eaves or front door, resurface your drive way or plant new sod in your front yard, take those recommendations to heart. Going the extra mile and putting a little effort into your home can mean the difference between having it sell quickly at a great price or sitting on the market for a long time and having buyers under-bid what you are asking.

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