How To Get Ready For A Home Inspection

    One of the most important steps to selling an Orange County home is hiring a home inspector to inspect your home before selling it, this is something that every buyer has to go through but the difference between those people who have a smooth inspection process and those who don’t all boils down to a few simple steps.

    Spend The Money

    Even though it’s an expense to hire a home inspector, the investment is worth it because, the inspector could possibly spot issues or problems with the home that will help the home owner to sell their home quickly compared to having the home languish on the market for months because of a repair that they didn’t know should have been made.

    Getting Ready For Inspection

    When the day comes for the home inspection it’s important for the homeowner to be out for the day. The homeowner should not be there when the inspector arrives because a typical inspector will be critical of a home and homeowners are naturally defensive so it’s important for the owner to not be there because, an inspector’s criticism could cause contention with the homeowner.

    Provide Access

    The next thing a homeowner can do to prepare for inspection day is to prepare for the inspector’s arrival by providing access for the inspector to the homes furnace, circuit breaker and even the homes boiler because, if the home is easy to inspect, the home inspector may be more inclined to write a good inspection report.

    Do The Work

    Once the inspector has finished and submitted their report to the buyer, the home owner should be prepared to do the work necessary to get their home up to par. Homeowners shouldn’t hesitate to do the work that the inspector and buyer requests since this could mean the difference between satisfying the buyer or causing the buyer to walk away from the home all together.

    Before hiring an Orange County home inspector, make sure you hire an experienced Orange County real estate agent from Fred Sed & Associates. Our top listing agents have the skills and experience that you need for today’s real estate market and the connections to help you find a great home inspector.

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