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    How to Declutter Your Home in Southern California Before Selling

    One of the most important things you can do before selling your home in Southern California is to de-clutter it because a decluttered home will help your house to appear to be more spacious and desirable to home buyers regardless of the square footage that your home really does offer.

    If you’ve never de-cluttered your home before this post we will share with you several tips you can follow to make the de-cluttering process easy.

    Step 1 – Start with One Room at a Time  Declutter

    Although de-cluttering your home might seem like a huge task it’s really not if you start with one room at time.

    For example: start de-cluttering your home by beginning in the living room closet. Your focus here should be to remove any items that you’re not using regularly like coats, boxes, exercise gear or bulky items that might take up space in the closet since closet size is definitely important to most buyers.

    Step 2 – Create Three Piles in Each Room

    During the process of de-cluttering your home you should create 3 piles in each room of your home for 1. Items that you want to keep 2. Items to donate and 3. Items that you want to throw away because you also want to use the process of moving as a way to make a break from the past and remove the unnecessary items from your life.

    After trashing or donating the items that you don’t want to keep you should box up the items that you do want to keep and neatly stack those boxes in your garage or in a local storage facility.

    Step 3 – Take the Time to Clean While You Are De-Cluttering

    Last of all, but most important, while you are de-cluttering your home you should also focus on cleaning those areas of your home that you might not be cleaning regularly like the top of your refrigerator, back of your television, or the top of your closet, because buyers will wonder what else may be wrong with your home if they find dirt or dust.

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