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    How To Buy A Home In A Low Inventory Market

    With Inventory tight right now in the Orange County Real Estate market many buyers are struggling with finding homes, but the reality is that even though inventory might be low right now, that doesn’t mean that there are not homes to buy, especially if you know where to look.

    Expired Listings  

    The first step for finding homes to buy during the tight Orange County Real Estate market is to ask your agent to try and find expired and withdrawn listings.

    You may not be familiar with these types of listings but that can be like gold when you find them since they are homes which were listed recently but for some reason they never sold.

    Many times these homes didn’t sell because they were overpriced and you can have your Real Estate agent contact the owner of a home that was previously listed on the MLS and ask if they would still be interested in selling.

    Search for Home Rental Listings

    Another way to find homes for sale during the tight Orange County Real Estate market is to search for home rental listings.

    This step is important because, you may encounter a home owned by someone who recently lost their job, or was transferred to another job out of state, and they decided to rent their home out for a few years.

    In this situation all you have to do is visit the home and if it looks like a house, condo, or townhome that you would be interested in buying you can have your Real Estate Agent contact the owner and make them an offer on the home.

    You Can’t Ignore Long Time Listings

    Sometimes it’s easy for a home to be listed on the Orange County Real Estate market for longer than expected because, the home was overpriced or it’s been passed up by other buyers because, it needs renovating, or has bad curb appeal.

    When you find homes like these you shouldn’t ignore them because the owner of a home that’s been listed for 90 to 100 days or longer may be open to selling at a reduced price, even if they overpriced their home originally.

    To learn more secrets to finding a home during a low inventory market in Orange County contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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