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    How the Stability of The Real Estate Market Builds Wealth

    Most economists will agree that the stability of the Real Estate market builds wealth.

    The last four years have been a perfect example of this as median home prices across the United States have passed the record highs that they reached before the market collapsed in 2008.

    Thankfully, the growth of the current Real Estate market is based on stronger lending standards and solid job growth so any talk of another “bubble” building in the market can be laid to rest.

    Wealth Is Built from Stock Market Investing and Real Estate

    Although we have a strong Real Estate market, especially here in Southern California, it’s easy to see how instability in the stock market or global financial markets can destabilize the U.S. based Real Estate market.

    In our experience, two of the major ways that people generate wealth in the United States is from the stock market and Real Estate market.

    What happens when the stock market has a protracted period of volatility like it’s currently experiencing is many investors will cash out their stocks and other investments then reinvest into Real Estate.

    Why Real Estate Is A Great Alternative Investment

    Over the last 13+ years, we’ve seen many investors cash out their stock market portfolios and reinvest their money back into the local Real Estate market when the stock market became volatile.

    The great things about investing in Southern California Real Estate is that properties here are in high demand, home values continue to go up, and Real Estate is a tangible asset that won’t go away after the next market correction.

    With Real Estate you can easily build a portfolio of rental properties while seeing your properties appreciate in value at the same time.

    Most stock market analysts agree that the stock market correction has only just begun. Even though the market lost this year’s gains recently it could see much deeper losses in the coming months. This is why it makes sense for smart investors who want to protect their profits to cash out now before the next drop in the stock market.

    Considering Real Estate? Contact Us

    If you’re an investor who is currently considering cashing out their stock market portfolio and reinvesting it into real estate we encourage you to contact us.

    At Fred Sed Group we have a time-tested formula that we’ve used again and again over the years to help investors just like you get started with investing in Real Estate.

    To learn more contact us today at (800) 921-9231 or connect with us online.

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