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    In our experience, two of the primary ways that people build wealth in the United States is from investing in Real Estate and investing in the stock market.

    Most investors typically do not invest in either of these markets in sequential order but these markets are two of the main “powerhouses” for building wealth in the USA other than starting a business.

    What Happens When There’s Volatility in The Stock Market?

    When there’s volatility in the stock market (like we’ve seen in the last few weeks) one of the things that we most commonly see is investors cash out of the stock market, to a certain degree, and invest their money into the Real Estate Market.

    During our 13+ years serving the Southern California Real Estate market we’ve seen investors cash out of the Real Estate market again, and again. Especially following market corrections like what we experienced in 2008 and the recent dip in the stock market.

    What Should You Do If You Plan on Cashing Out of The Stock Market?

    Are you planning on cashing out of the stock market and are thinking about investing in cash flow Real Estate?

    What you must realize about investing in cash flow real estate in Southern California is that you have to invest in Real Estate with the same approach that you would have towards investing in the stock market.

    This means that you’re investing in Real Estate with a long-term approach and are asking yourself the following questions:

    • Where do I invest?
    • What does that investment look like?
    • How much cash flow will that Real Estate investment bring in on a monthly/annual basis?

    Work with An Experienced SoCal Real Estate Broker

    At the Fred Sed Group, we’ve helped countless investors for over 10 years make the switch from investing in the stock market to investing in the Southern California Real Estate market.

    To learn more about how you can get started investing in SoCal Real Estate contact us today by calling (800) 921-9231 or connect with us online.

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