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    Across Orange County, almost every single Realtor will at one time or another talk about the importance of location when buying Real Estate but few ever really asks the question: is the location of the home really important or is this just a common Realtor cliché?

    The answer to this question is of course yes. Location is important but, the location of the home alone isn’t just important, home buyers should be looking at the data of where the home is located, before they try to move there.

    Area Statistics

    Thanks to Real Estate websites like: TruliaNeighborhood Scout, or your Realtor who is a local neighborhood expert, home buyers can easily review the area statistics of where a home that they are planning on buying is located, before they decide to move there.

    Some important stats that homebuyer will typically look at before buying a home includes the following:

    • School districts.
    • Proximity to transportation hubs or freeways.
    • Demographic of people who live in the area. For example: what percentage of local residents are homeowners versus renters and what is the average age of a person who lives in the area?
    • How close the home is to major entertainment venues.

    Location is absolutely important when buying a home and thankfully the educated homebuyer these days can make smart buying decision simply by doing their due diligence by doing a little online research

    Hire An Experienced Realtor

    Another great way for any homebuyer can ensure that they purchase a home that’s in a great location or area is by hiring an experienced Real Estate agent who has local knowledge of the area and can help ensure that the buyer will be moving to an area that’s perfect for them or their family.

    To learn more about the importance of location when buying Real Estate or to view the latest Orange County homes for sale, contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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