How Important is a Home Warranty?

    If you’re buying an Orange County home, you’re like most new homeowners across the country and will be
    spending the next 30 days while the home is in escrow reviewing all the details for the home to make sure that
    you’re getting the most out of your investment but, what happens when the 30 day escrow ends and something
    breaks like: the range, dishwasher or other appliances in the home? What’s going to protect your investment? Will
    you be able to get your money back from the buyer or have them put money up to fix the broken appliances in the
    home? Of course not. The only thing that will protect your investment in your home, once escrow closes, and for
    years to come, is your home warranty.

    What Is a Home warranty?

    A typical home warranty is very inexpensive and it typically costs between $250-$400 a year and more depending
    upon the company that you choose to buy the home warranty coverage with. Every top Orange County realtor
    will recommend a home warranty plan because; it covers the home buyer in case their dishwasher, range, central
    heating, air conditioning or other appliances in the home stop working.

    How Does A Home Warranty Policy Work?

    When an Orange County homeowner has a broken appliance in their home the first thing they need to do is
    contact their home warranty company and they will make an appointment for a service tech to come out and
    evaluate the situation, service appointment fees range anywhere from $40-$60 and the homeowner has to pay
    the fee, but the good news is that, if the item that’s broken needs to be replaced, the homeowner doesn’t have
    to cover the replacement cost, all they have to do is pay the fee for the service appointment and the item will be

    Every Coverage Option Is Different

    Just like any other form of insurance coverage, every Orange County Realtor and insurance agent in Orange
    County will tell you that you need to shop around and search for home warranty coverage that will cover all the
    appliances in your home because, there’s nothing worse than having a major appliance like your central heating
    and air-conditioning go out only to realize that you are responsible for paying the entire bill yourself. Besides
    analyzing the details of your home warranty plan, you should also pay close attention to make sure that the plan
    you choose covers all of the appliances and units in your home because, older appliances, ranges, air conditioning
    or heating units might not be covered under some home warranty plans.

    What Won’t Be Covered?

    The reality about home warranty coverage is that some things in your home or on your property like sprinklers,
    faucets or pools (unless you have specific coverage) might not be covered and you should be prepared for that in

    Last of all, Orange County real estate agents and other agents across the country will tell you to be prepared for
    your insurance company to deny your claim, one of the most common reasons for denials of payment on home
    warranty plans include: code violations, bad maintenance, poor installation or wear and tear so it’s always best to
    hire a professional installer to install larger items like dishwashers, electrical items, air conditioning units or ceiling
    fans and contact your home warranty insurance company immediately when an item needs to be replaced.

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