How Do I Get My Home Ready To Sell?

    Did you know that getting your home ready to sell is the first thing you should do before hiring a Realtor to list your home?

    If you’ve never sold a home before this post will break down simple tips you can use to get your home in great shape and ready to sell.

    Tip 1 – Clean  getting_a_home_ready_for_sale_259

    Cleaning your home is first on this list of things you need to do to get your home ready to sell. Most buyers may think that something is wrong with your home if it’s dirty and hasn’t been maintained when they visit it for an open house or with their Realtor.

    You should focus on cleaning: windows (inside and out), bedrooms, bathrooms (especially toilets and medicine cabinets), garages, kitchens and every space that a prospective home buyer might want to inspect when they are viewing your home.

    Tip 2 – Depersonalize

    It might seem painful at first but you must remove your pictures, artwork and most of the personal effects from your home.

    As a seller your goal is to view your home as a product to be sold instead of a place where you’ve most likely spent years building memories.

    Once you depersonalize your house you should also disassociate yourself from your home as well, even taking the step to visualize yourself handing over the keys to the new owner and moving on to a new home.  Letting go is a positive step to owning your new home and starting a new future.

    Tip 3 – De-Clutter

    The most important step to getting your home ready for sale is removing the clutter in each room of your home.

    By de-cluttering your home you should focus on keeping the minimal amount of furniture, accessories and personal effects in the rooms of your home because your goal is to get potential buyers to envision themselves living there while being able to see the space and potential of your home at the same time.

    Tip 4 – Stage Your Home

    Last of all, but most important, as you are de-cluttering your home you should also be staging each room so that your home looks lived in minus your personalized effects or the “stamp” that you’ve put on your home over the years.

    To learn more simple tips for getting your home ready to sell contact Fred Sed Realty Group today by calling us at (800)921-9231.

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