How Can I Appeal My Property Tax Bill?

    Appeal Property Tax BillIf you’re a homeowner one of the most common things that you should have received by now is a property tax bill in the mail and although you think that you might be prepared for paying that bill the reality is that it could be bigger than you think if your home has been accessed for more than what you think it’s worth.

    Although some homeowners might consider appealing their property tax bills the reality is that appealing might not be for everyone and should only be done if the situation warrants it.

    Always Read the Assessment Letter First

    Before appealing your property tax bill you should first read your assessment letter thoroughly to learn more about how your property was assessed because property tax is typically calculated by multiplying the assessed value of a home, property and lot size by the local tax rate.

    During the process of reviewing the assessment letter you should also be looking for errors in the letter (for example: 0.3 acres vs. 3.0 acres) because if some information is incorrect this could lead to an easy challenge resulting in you winning your assessment.

    Nobody likes to pay higher taxes but one of the most important things you should do before making the decision to appeal your homes property tax bill is to determine if appealing will really be worth your time because an actual appeal could only mean a savings to you of no more than $300 depending on the value of your home.

    Do your Research

    Another important thing you must before appealing your property tax bill is to do your research and either hire a Realtor® to provide you with a list of comparable properties in your area or go online and look for comps yourself.

    Doing the research into comps is important because your goal when appealing your assessment is to present your home as being worth less than what it’s been assessed for and with more knowledge available to you this will give you the opportunity to present a strong case when you ultimately speak with the assessor office in your local area.

    Most assessor offices will discuss the assessment with you informally over the phone and if the phone call doesn’t resolve the issue they will give you the ability to request a hearing or formal review.

    Once your formal review date has been scheduled you should pay attention to their procedures and deadlines since an average review can last up to three months when you will receive an answer from the assessor’s office in writing.

    Learn More

    To learn more about how to appeal your property tax bill, or to view homes for sale in Southern California contact Fred Sed Realty today by calling us a (800) 322-4643 or connect with us online.

    property tax bill

    property tax bill

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