Five Steps To Selecting An Offer On Your Home

    Orange County home owners are in the perfect position right now because, there is a low supply of
    homes in the OC real estate market and that means it’s a sellers-market.

    With multiple offers to choose from, every Orange County home owner who is selling their home, should
    take a step back and use these tips to examine the offers that they received on their home before moving forward.

    What Type of Buyer Financing?

    The first thing to examine when a buyer submits an offer is their financing:

    • Are they going to be paying with all cash?
    • Will they have a low down payment with high loan financing terms?
    • Is the buyer going to submit a high down payment with low finance terms?

    Length of Closing Time Requested

    How long is the closing time the buyer requesting? Do they want seven days, 14 days, 30 days or longer?
    More time can mean an added cushion for you, if you’re still searching for another home but, if you’re
    interested in selling your home fast, you should find out in advance how long the closing time the buyer is
    requesting is so their desire lines up with your plans.

    Do they Want Closing Costs?

    One of the most important steps to selling an Orange County home that every realtor
    will tell you is verifying the buyer’s final requests, especially if they are asking you to pay their closing
    costs. You could find that the buyer is asking you to pay $2,000 or more of their closing costs so it’s
    always best to confirm this in advance before approving their offer.

    What Special Items do they want?

    It may sound funny to you but, some buyers might want special items from your home to be included
    in the sale. The buyer could ask for your furniture or certain appliances in your home because, some
    items within a home like an area rug, kitchen table or couches make a home more appealing to the buyer
    so it’s always a good step to have your Orange County realtor verify if the buyer wants any furniture or
    appliances from your home included in the sale.

    Wrapping up The Deal

    Last of all, but most important, you must verify what the seller is offering for your home and make sure
    that they are meeting your asking price to insure that you don’t sign an offer that’s lower than what your
    home or other homes in the area may be worth.

    If you have questions on the offers that you received on your Orange County home, CLICK HERE to fill out
    our free consultation form. We at Fred Sed & Associates have all the tools that you need to sell your Orange
    County home fast and benefit from this seller’s market.

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