Fall: Is It A Good Time To Sell Your Orange County Home?

    Top Orange County realtors know that different times of year are better to sell a home than others. Contrary to public belief, fall is a great time to sell a home because, a home’s features like a big bay window or skylights can actually attract more potential buyers than other times of the year. With the changes in weather that occur during the fall, potential homeowners will be drawn to unique features that a home offers, especially if it enables them to enjoy the outside elements while they are inside the home.

    How To Prepare A Home For Fall 

    Preparing your home to sell quickly during the fall months involves a few simple steps:

    • Windows – All windows should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out. If a home’s windows still continue to have a layer of “film” on them after they’ve been scrubbed, one of the oldest ways to clean a window is to use a mixture of water and vinegar with a hint of lavendar.
    • Odor elimination – All odors in the home should be eliminated before potential buyers start showing up for the open house. One of the easiest ways to eliminate smells is for the homeowner to invite a friend over and inspect the home after a deep cleaning. Since the friend doesn’t live in the home, they will be able to detect any offensive smells that the owner cant.

    The Importance Of Staging A Home

    After the home has been deep cleaned, you should stage your home for sale by removing excess clutter and either selling it, or placing it in storage since you will be moving soon.

    To learn more about how to successfully prepare a home to sell during the fall in Orange County California, contact the experienced team of top Orange County Realtors at Fred Sed & Associates today at (949) 272-0125 or email us at info@bestocproperties.com.

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