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    Fair Housing Issues and Orange County Real Estate

    What is Fair Housing? It’s a law enacted in 1968 and further revised in 1988 that seeks to ban any discrimination when someone is buying or renting a home.

    Without fair housing in place home buyers would be faced with unscrupulous sellers and Realtors who would be able to take advantage of them based on race, sex or age.

    In today’s post we’ll cover the top fair housing issues so that home buyers are more aware of what their rights are during the home buying process.


    When purchasing a home, a seller or Realtor cannot advertise a home by using buzzwords like “exclusive” or “safe” which imply that the home is right only for certain groups. Homeowners and Realtors cannot also say what they are not looking for in a buyer because, they could potentially face legal action if someone feels like they have been excluded from the opportunity to buy a home based on their race, family status, disability or sex.


    Another common Fair Housing Issue is Steering. This occurs when a Realtor tries to “steer” a buyer to either into, or away from a certain home or neighborhood because it would be a fit for them based on their family, race or sexual orientation.

    Homeowners and Realtors also cannot avoid selling their home to someone who has a physical disability or handicap because this is also a violation of the fair housing law and something that could represent a potential lawsuit.

    Getting a Mortgage

    Steering is also a major concern that home buyers have to be aware of when applying for a mortgage loan. A lender must not steer a home buyer into a mortgage loan or sub-prime loan based on their age, race or any other status.

    Every home buyer must be aware that their lender is required to screen their mortgage loan application based on things like their credit score, number of years they’ve been working and of course funds that they have available for a down payment.

    To learn more about Fair Housing issues, or to view the latest Orange County Homes For sale, contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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