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    Easy Mistakes To Make When Selling An Orange County Home ~ Pt. 4

    Easy Mistakes To Make When Selling An Orange County Home ~ Pt. 3

    Orange County Open House? Don’t Make These Common Mistakes When Showing Your Home

    Thinking about selling your home? You’re not alone; thanks to the hot Orange County real estate market many Orange County residents are thinking about selling their homes right now and upgrading to bigger homes but the reality is that many sellers will make common mistakes that will impact the sale of their homes.

    In part four of this four part series we’re going to cover the open house process and break down common things that homeowners do to mess up their open houses and how to avoid these mistakes.

    Not Staging The Home

    Another common mistake that home owners make during the process of selling their homes is not staging them for the open house; staging a home is important because, the homeowner should want to present the absolute best version of their home possible instead of showing a potential home buyer the same home that they’ve lived in, without change, for the last few years.

    If a homeowner has never staged a home before, here are a few simple tips for the home staging process:

    • De-Clutter – Remove as much of the clutter as possible by placing items like books, toys, electronic gadgets and other items into storage containers or baskets.
    • Minimalize – If a living room has a couch and a love seat, get rid of the love seat and keep the couch because, simple is always better and will make the room look bigger.
    • Clean everything – Before the open house, the homeowner should clean the home from top to bottom, including the inside and outside windows because, there will always be one potential homebuyer who will look in that crack or crevice, find dirt and just because they find dirt in that one spot, they will think that the whole house is dirty.

    To learn more about how to avoid common mistakes when selling a home contact Fred Sed & Associates today at (949) 272-0125.

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