Easy Mistakes To Make When Selling An Orange County Home ~ Pt. 2

    Easy Mistakes To Make When Selling An Orange County Home ~ Pt. 1


    Planning On Remodeling Your Orange County Home? Don’t Make These Bad Home Improvements

    In the second part of this four part series we’re going to cover some of the top mistakes that homeowners in Orange County make when selling their homes.

    Going Over The Top With Home Improvements  

    Homeowner must make improvements on their home, at one time or another, because, home improvements will help to increase a homes value and make it more desirable to potential home buyers. When it comes time to sell the home but the reality is that not every homeowner consults with an interior designer or decorator when making improvements to their home, and those “improvement” can often be classified as bad home improvements.

    What are examples of bad home improvements?

    • Remodeling a bathroom in a niche theme – Some homeowners might like the idea of having a Gothic themed or farm house styled bathroom but the reality is that a niche themed bathroom will be less desirable to a potential home buyer than a bathroom with a more neutral design would and this will make the home harder to sell.
    • Choosing the wrong interior colors – Every homeowner has their favorite colors for their home. But when it comes time to sell the home, dark interior colors should be painted over in favor of light, neutral colors because, lighter colors will make the home feel bigger and more inviting to potential home buyers.

    Understand What Buyers Are Looking For

    Over the last ten years we’ve all seen television shows like Extreme Home Makeover that have featured homes with extreme redesigns and awesome features. The reality is that not every home buyer wants extreme features when buying a home.

    The average home buyer wants to find a home that’s welcoming and warm, they are looking for a home that’s just like a blank canvas and will give them the ability to leave their mark on it without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars to undo bad decorating or hideous home improvements from the previous homeowners.

    To learn more about the top mistakes that seller’s make and how to avoid them, contact Fred Sed & Associates today at (949) 272-0125.

    Easy Mistakes To Make When Selling An Orange County Home ~ Pt. 3

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