Easy Mistakes To Make When Selling An Orange County Home. Pt.1

    Selling a home in Orange County can be a fun and invigorating process, especially if it’s the first time that the homeowner is selling their home. But sadly, it’s very easy for homeowners to make common mistakes that can result in them getting a lot less than their asking price or worse. In the first part of this four part series were going to cover the top mistakes that homeowners make when selling their home. Some of these mistakes are obvious, while others or not, either way, bringing these mistakes to light will help future home sellers avoid making these same mistakes.

    Asking For Too Much

    The first big mistake that the average homeowner makes when selling their home is asking for too much or overpricing their home. To avoid making this mistake, the homeowner should work with an experienced Realtor and have a comparative analysis of homes that have sold recently in the neighborhood to make sure that there are not selling their home for more than what it’s worth. One key to success to consider when selling a home is to price the home at just below it’s current market value. This simple tip will make potential buyers think that they are getting a great deal and will, in most cases, result multiple offers being received on the home.

    Didn’t Hire A Realtor?

    Many homeowners across the United States make the mistake of not hiring a Realtor to sell their home because, they think they can sell their homes themselves but reality often sets in quicker than they expected when they realize that selling a home doesn’t just involve putting a “Fore Sale by Owner” sign in the front yard. Selling a home involves so many more steps including:

    • Online Marketing
    • Local Marketing
    • Open Houses
    • Negotiation
    • Document Review

    To avoid making common mistakes when selling a home in Orange County, contact Fred Sed & Associates today at (949) 272-0125.

    Easy Mistakes To Make When Selling An Orange County Home ~ Pt. 2

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