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    Docusign: Making Your Real Estate Experience Easier? | Fridays with Fred

    Docusign: Making Your Real Estate Experience Easier?

    At Fred Sed & Associates we take pride in using the most cutting edge technology to simplify the process of buying and selling homes for our clients, and one of the best resources that we’ve adopted to insure a smooth transaction every time is a service called Docusign.

    What Is Docusign?

    Docusign is online technology that enables us to send our clients documents electronically which they need to sign if they are buying or selling homes.

    How Docusign Works

    Thanks to Docusign, any of our clients can easily receive documents from Fred Sed & Associates via email then review and sign those documents without having to always come to our office for the purpose of signing documents.

    Eliminates Document Confusion

    Each Docusign document that you receive from Fred Sed & Associates will be clearly marked where you need to sign so there’s no confusion or delays with getting your Real Estate documents completed.

    Safe & Secure

    Once you Docusign your documents they will be stored securely so our team can conveniently access them here in our office and Docusign documents are safer than most physical documents since the Docusign files are encrypted from hackers and stored securely.

    Loan Documents and Grants

    Although most Real Estate documents can be signed via Docusign, the truth is that there are still some documents which require a physical copy to be signed and those documents include: most loan documents and grant deeds.

    Compatible on All Devices

    Thanks to the popularity of Docusign you can now use this system on all of your devices including your tablet and smart phone.

    Docusign is also compatible across every major operating system including Windows and Apple’s iOS.

    Learn More

    For more information about Fred Sed & Associates will make the process of buying or selling a home easier for you, or to view homes for sale, contact us today by calling (949) 272-0125.

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