Do I Really Need To Stage My Home Before Selling?

    “Do I really need to stage my home before selling?” This is a question that Orange County Realtors get asked more than a few times per year and the answer is YES! Staging is a crucial aspect to getting your home sold because it will help to make your home look bigger and lovingly maintained compared to other homes in the same area.

    Staging Starts With De-Cluttering Your Home 

    Before staging your home you should first focus on de-cluttering by renting a storage unit and then boxing up all of the excess items in each room of your home that you and your family are not currently using.

    For example, excess items that you should consider boxing up are:

    • Books
    • Toys
    • Exercise Equipment
    • Electronic Devices
    • Luggage
    • Hats

    How To Stage Your Home If You Have Children

    For children it may be more difficult for them to box up their toys, but it’s necessary because, organizing their bedrooms and play areas will help those areas of the home look bigger and more spacious. If your kids are having a difficult time boxing up their toys you will want to leave them with at least five of their favorite toys but make sure you keep a basket nearby so you can easily put those toys away should a potential homebuyer show up to tour your home at the last minute.

    Time To Consider Renting Furniture?

    If you have older furniture, that some home buyers might consider to be “scary”, you might want to consider putting that furniture into storage as well and renting some furniture because, having newer furniture in your Orange County Home For Sale will paint the positive mental picture in the mind of the home buyer that you’ve taken care of your home over the years and a homebuyer who feels good about your home won’t hesitate to pay the asking price for your home.

    For more answers to the question “do I really need to stage my home before selling?”, or to view the latest Orange County Homes For Sale, contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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