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    Disaster Preparedness, What We Can Learn From Hurricane Sandy

    What We Can Learn From Sandy

    Hurricane Sandy rocked the East Coast last week and before the total amount of damages is added up, this natural disaster will turn out to be one of the worst storm to strike the United States; and 2012 winter weather hasn’t even begun to hit the U.S. in full force yet.

    It’s Not Hard To Be Prepared For A Natural Disaster 

    Even though we might not ever see a hurricane strike Orange County, that doesn’t mean that natural disasters like earthquakes or fires won’t happen. Before the next disaster hits it’s important for every Orange County resident to make sure they are prepared for a natural disaster right now.

    Have An Escape plan

    Before a natural disaster strikes it’s important for everyone who lives in Orange County to know the best escape routes out of their home, condo or apartment complex. In the event of an earthquake it’s important to stand in a doorway, or safe place in the home, until the Orange County earthquake has stopped, before exiting the home.

    Choose A Meeting Place

    In the event that family members are not together during a natural disaster, they should choose a familiar, safe place to meet up. Examples are: right outside the home or somewhere nearby like a school, relatives home, friends house or police station.

    Protect Important Paperwork

    Since disasters are unpredictable it’s important to protect important paperwork like: insurance policies, health insurance cards, car insurance policies and life insurance documents. These documents should either be protected in a waterproof/fireproof box or safe so these documents can be easily retrieved in the event of a disaster. An even better option is to keep a digital copy off site by scanning it and saving it in a secure place like Google DriveDropbox or your email.

    In addition to important documents, save all photos and videos to an offsite location as well.  You can use a service like Carbonite to backup your computer hard drive online or you can save your data to an external hard drive and leave it at a family member’s house. The best backup is one you don’t have to think about since most of us will either forget, or won’t bother to take the time to do it before catastrophe hits.

    Talk About Disaster Preparedness

    Besides following the tips in this post to natural disaster, it’s important to talk about what to do when a disaster strikes, especially you have small children Talking about how to prepare for a natural disaster, at least every year, will keep disaster preparedness tips fresh in everybody’s minds and insure that nobody is left not knowing what to do after disaster strikes.

    To learn more disaster preparedness tips or to view the latest Orange County homes for sale, contact Fred Sed & Associates today at (949) 272-0125.

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