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    Can Lack Of Action Slow Down Or Stop An Orange County Home Sale?

    Not taking action is a common mistake that Orange County homeowners make during the process of selling their homes, and it can apply to almost any aspect of the home sale process but, most homeowners commonly struggle with not taking action when it comes to the dissatisfaction that they may face when it comes to their Real Estate agent.

    If an Orange County homeowner isn’t satisfied with the Realtor’s results, they shouldn’t be afraid to let their voice be heard. It doesn’t matter if a Realtor is well known, or well liked in the local area. If they aren’t engaging in a multifaceted marketing campaign that includes: Internet marketing, social media marketing and traditional marketing, your home will not get as much exposure as it could have gotten with a harder working or more experience Realtor.

    Don’t Settle For a Dirty House  

    Unless you are used to living in a dirty home, you shouldn’t leave your home dirty when it comes time to sell it but, sadly, another example of not taking action, is when a homeowner leaves their home dirty before an open house, or after you’ve already moved out due to a job transfer or other circumstance.

    A dirty home paints a bad mental picture in the mind of the home buyer and it will only cause them to ask the question “what else is wrong with this home?” when this scenario could be easily avoided simply by cleaning a home from top to bottom before selling it.

    Keep The Home’s Furnishings Current

    One of the most common mistakes that homeowners in Orange County make when selling a home is by selling a home that has outdated furnishings or outdated flooring.

    Although older furnishings, fixtures or flooring may be charming and be the touches of character that you as the homeowner wants, those older aspects of the home may make the home look dated to a potential home buyer. These should should be removed in favor of replacing them with new, fresh, fixtures and furnishings that are up to date and will give the home of modern feel.

    To learn more about common mistakes that homeowners make when selling their homes or to view the latest orange County homes for sale call the team of experienced Real Estate agents at Fred Sed & Associates today at (949) 272-0125.

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