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    Today’s blog topic is the following: “if I own a home, am currently in default and I’m getting very close to getting foreclosed, can I still sell my home and can I still get equity?” the answer to this question is yes.

    There are many people out there who have missed payments and are very close to default but have been able to sell their homes and still get equity.

    We’ve helped a few homeowners this year sell their homes even when they were just days away from foreclosure and we can help you as well if you are currently facing a similar situation.

    Choose Your Solution Now

    Regardless if you have missed three payments or nine payments you must make a decision now regarding what you are going to do with your home.

    Two major things will take place in Southern California, and in California as a whole, once you miss your third mortgage payment

    1. The bank will file a Notice of Default, a public filing of foreclosure, which shows that you’ve missed at least three payments.
    2. From this point the bank can file a Notice of Trustee sale date 121 days later where they set the date that a foreclosure will take place.

    There Are Always Options

    If you’re reading this article the most important thing that you should know is that you have options available to you if you’re facing foreclosure.

    Thankfully, we’ve been able to help some homeowners sell their homes, even when they were just two weeks away from foreclosure, and we can help you as well if you’ve missed payments and are concerned that you will face foreclosure as well.

    Contact Fred Sed Realty

    Don’t wait until the last minute to make a decision on selling your home if foreclosure is eminent contact us today to learn more about how we can help you by calling us at (800) 322-4643 or connect

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