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    Can I Buy A Home With Cash Without Restrictions? | Fridays with Fred

    If I’m Buying A House With Cash Will I Have Any Restrictions?

    Over the years many buyers have asked us “if I buy a house with cash will I have any restrictions?” the answer to this question is both yes, and no.

    Yes, you can buy a home with cash and have your offer accepted more quickly in many cases than someone who buys a home with financing but the reality is that you will have the same restrictions when buying a home that other buyers have regardless if you plan on buying a home with cash or not.

    Vesting Title in California

    One of the first things you will need to do when buying a home in California is to vest the title.

    By vesting the title you will need to specify if you plan on buying the home in your name, an LLC, trust, or corporation.

    When vesting the title you have to make sure that your Real Estate agent has taken the time to inform should have the purchase agreement for the property checked by a Real Estate attorney to make sure that everything is processed correctly during the Real Estate proceedings.

    If You Plan On Buying a Condominium

    Let’s say that you plan on buying a condo in Southern California, you will also have to order the Homeowners Association Documents and fill them out before the property closes.

    Although it’s easy for many people to think that you can just walk up to a seller, offer them $500K for their house, and then you’re a homeowner, the reality is that there are specific things to do as a homeowner in general before you can actually take ownership of a home.

    Learn More about Buying a Home with Cash

    To learn more about buying home with cash contact Fred Sed Realty by contacting us online through our website, social media or call us today at (800) 921-9231.

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