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    Can a Realtor Provide a Better Home Value Estimate Than Zillow and Trulia?

    Can a Realtor provide a better home value estimate than Zillow & Trulia? A quailed Real Estate Agent will be able to provide you with a better home value estimate because, thy will base the estimate for your home’s value on much more than just what other homes in your neighborhood sold for recently.

    Good & Bad

    Both Zillow and Trulia are good online tools for getting a “bird’s eye view” of what homes are valued at in an area but many times home values on both websites are often based on recent home sales that included trustee, short sale and foreclosure sales.

    If you multiple homes sold in your neighborhood for prices that were below the market value, their low prices when they were sold may ultimately affect your home’s value.

    Depends On Who You Ask  

    If you search online for comments or feedback regarding Trulia and Zillow you will see that both Realtors, buyers and sellers have their own opinions on which websites they favor and why.

    The most common reasons people cite for using either Zillow or Trulia is to have an easy quick reference tool that they can tap into to see what homes may have been worth from nine months to 39 months ago, but for the most accurate data a Realtor should always be consulted.

    Why Realtor’s Still Matter

    You need a qualified Realtor to give you a reliable home value estimate because, your Real Estate Agent will provide you with a number based on so much more than just a comparable analysis of other homes that recently sold in the same area.

    Your Realtor will also provide you with immediate service and support when you have questions or need assistance when it comes to selling your home compared to relying on the forums that both Zillow and Trulia have that can be filled with outdated information or spam.

    To learn more about Trulia, Zillow or to get an estimate for your home’s value contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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