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    Baby Boomers – Tips to buy your OC Retirement Home

    In 2014 Baby Boomers are more viable than ever before and one common thing about Baby Boomers is that they are also buying homes during a time in their lives when most people would be downsizing.

    There’s no denying that homeownership is a smart investment no matter how old you are, especially for Baby Boomers, that’s why we will cover the top 5 home buying tips that Baby Boomers should follow during their home search.

    Tip 1 – Choose a Walkable Location

    As a Baby Boomer it’s important to realize that as you age you may not be able to drive as much as you have in the past. That’s why it’s important to choose a home that’s close to stores, libraries, restaurants and other amenities so you can keep your independence as you age even if you have to walk more.

    Tip 2 – Buy a Home without Stairs 

    Another important thing to consider as a Baby Boomer is that you may not want to buy a home with stairs or steps because, those steps might become an obstacle at some point in the future. Consider choosing a home that has little to no stairs or steps and also has an open floor plan so you can easily navigate around your home even if you need to use a walker or wheel chair sometime in the future.

    Tip 3 – Purchase a Smaller Home

    Yes you may have owned a 4 bedroom home in the past but if it’s just you and your spouse now you should consider buying a smaller home that has maybe 2 bedrooms because the spare bedroom could be your guest bedroom and also a smaller home will mean a smaller mortgage payment as well.

    Tip 4 – Make Sure the Home Is Close To Medical Facilities

    Kitchens, bathrooms and curb appeal are all still important to consider when buying but it’s also important to buy a home that’s close to your doctor and major medical facilities that you may to use as you grow older.

    Tip 5 – Stay Close to Your Family

    Last of all, but still very important, one major consideration to keep in mind when buying a home as a Baby Boomer is to purchase a home that’s close to your family members. If your home is in driving distance it will make it easier for them to visit you and for you to stay involved in their lives as you grow older.

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