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    Are Homebuyers too fixated on simplified school rankings?

    One of the most important statistics that any homebuyer looks at when they are considering buying a home, especially if they have a family, is the rankings for the schools located in the area that they plan on moving to.

    Are Home Buyers Paying More, And Getting Less?

    Thanks to a recent report by the San Francisco Chronicle we know that many home buyers these days are paying more for homes ($200,000 or more) that are in supposedly great school districts, when some schools in “great” school districts are only scoring a small percentage better than school districts in other areas.

    What’s Behind The Problem?  

    According to the report, many officials in the San Mateo Country School District, some Realtors are to blame for relying on test scores and also school rankings which they use to help sell homes in the area

    As a result, he San Mateo County School District is doing something about this problem and is reaching out to Realtors in the area by holding regular events which they hope will help Realtors gain a more in depth understanding of the real qualities that parents should be looking for in a good school.

    The Good And The Bad Of Test Scores

    In the recent San Francisco Chronicle Report, they cited an example of San Carlos California, a Bay Area City, where all four of the elementary schools in the area have scored above the average in California including one school, Brittan Acres, which scored 880 out of 1,000 on California’s Academic Performance Index.

    Even though the State of California considers 880 to be a good score for an elementary school, many homebuyers have chosen to avoid buying homes near Brittan Acres, including one homebuyer who withdrew his offer on a one particular home near this school, and fired his Real Estate Agent, even though his Realtor insisted that this school was a high quality school.

    To learn more about how to effectively rank schools in the area you want to move to, or to view the latest Orange County homes for sale, contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us for a free consultation at (949) 272-0125.

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