6 Popular Orange County Home Styles

    Are you thinking about relocating to Orange County? If so, one of the many reasons to choose the OC is the wide variety of home styles that we have to choose from here.

    In this post we will cover 6 of the most popular Orange County home styles so you can decide on which home style is right for your family:

    Contemporary   Contemporary Home

    When it comes to the contemporary home style thoughts will come to your mind of clean lines and open a concept design.

    Today’s contemporary designers focus on spaciousness while building with sustainable materials and energy consciousness in mind.

    Some of the key elements of the contemporary home style include: granite countertops, bamboo flooring, recycled or non-toxic materials and lots of natural light.


    Another very popular home style is Mediterranean; this style originated from countries like Greece, Italy and Spain. In the typical Mediterranean home you will find textured walls, heavy hardware, bullnose edges and beautiful colors that are known to echo the sky and the sea.


    In Orange County we have many excellent examples of modern homes still available since this design style was very popular during through the 1930’s and 1940’s.

    Some of the most popular modern architects of who were well known during this period in architecture history include Frank Lloyd Wright and Walter Gropius.

    When you visit a typical modern style home you will find porthole windows, chrome hardware, glass brick walls, rounded edges and subdued colors.


    Here in Southern California the chances are very good that you might know someone who grew up in a Ranch Style home because this style of architecture was very popular from the 1940’s through the 1970’s and many home buyers still hold this home style as their “ideal” Southern California home to this day.

    You will know that you’ve found a Ranch Style home because it will have minimal interior or exterior decoration and casual style of living.

    Other defining features you will see in a Ranch Style home include: open concept floor plan, low roofline, single story and an attached garage.


    The Townhouse style of home has been in use world-wide for well over 200 years, especially in England because a Townhome was the city home of a member of nobility when they weren’t living in their country home.

    In 2015 most townhomes share walls with neighbors on either side and they offer clean designs inside including: open concept floor plans, granite counter tops, modern features, lots of amenities on site including pools, hot tubs, and more.


    Last of all, but most important is the Spanish home style which is so prevalent across Southern California.

    With this home style you will find a Spanish Style (clay tile) Roof, stucco exterior, heavy carved wood, wrought iron, exposed beams and spiral columns.

    Although this style of architecture was most popular between 1915 and 1945 it’s been coming back over the last 20 years and many of these homes can be seen in newer developments across Orange County.

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