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    6 Big Real Estate Myths BUSTED! Part 1

    In the world of Real Estate we see myths touted as facts every single day.

    The sad thing is that most buyers, sellers and their agents have no idea that the Real Estate Myths that they are being following are bad for Real Estate, and counter-productive.

    In today’s post we will begin a two part series on busting common Real Estate Myths so you know what to be on the lookout for if you plan on buying or selling a home in Orange County or elsewhere in the United States.

    Myth #1 – You Should Paint Over Bold Paint Colors with Neutral Colors Before You Sell a Home

    This myth is false.

    Not every home is created equal, and sometimes a home with grand architectural details calls for grand colors to complement those details. Bold colors can also brighten up a room with beautiful color, especially if the room doesn’t have any natural light and feels drab without light.

    Myth #2 – Don’t Purchase the Biggest Home on the Street

    This myth is TRUE.

    Why? A big house in a neighborhood with mid-sized single family homes is going to affect its price since it will be appraised higher than other homes in the same neighborhood.

    When buying a home your goal should also be to think about its resale value and how owning a home which is bigger than others on the same block may affect your ability to sell it sometime in the future.

    Myth #3 – Avoid Buying a First Floor Condo Due To Safety Concerns and Noise

    In the City of Irvine we have a lot of condo’s and townhomes but many people have avoided buying first floor units since they feel that there are safety concerns and other potential problems from noise.

    This myth is also false since you can many times find a great deal with a ground floor unit and also enjoy other benefits as well like: being closer to parking, avoiding elevators, and enjoying a better view.

    To learn more truth behind common Real Estate Myths, or to view the latest Orange County homes for sale, contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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