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    5 Unexpected Upsides Of Off Season House Hunting

    One common misconception when it comes to house hunting is that winter is not the best time for anyone to be looking for their dream home. In reality, it’s the best time for a home buyer to be looking for the home of their dreams because of these five key reasons:

    Low Competition 

    During the holidays, the average person who is thinking about buying a home will either take the month of December off from house hunting or slow down their house search. This is because they typically will be focused on buying gifts for their family members, going to holiday events or taking a vacation.

    All of these reasons mean that a house hunter will enjoy less competition from other prospective buyers as well as fewer offers. This means that once someone starts searching for an Orange County home, they will be more likely to find the home of their dreams than at other times of the year.

    Motivated Sellers

    Another great reason for house hunting during the winter is motivated sellers. Any homeowner who is willing to go through the “hoops” to sell their home during the holidays likely wants to get the sale done and will be more likely to work with buyers to get their home sold.

    This also applies to bank managers and property investors who will be more inclined to work with buyers. This is because they have the desire to get properties and homes off their books before the end of the year.

    Finding The Perfect Home

    Every top Orange County Realtor will tell you that you can’t stop your house hunt, especially during the winter. If you’re a serious buyer, slowing down your house hunt for an Orange County home or stopping altogether during this time of year will risk the chance of missing the “perfect home” that meets all of your needs and requirements.

    Taking Care Of Your Cash

    Most home buyers spend the holidays buying gifts and “splurging” on those special items that they want to purchase for their family members. But for those home buyers who don’t stop their home search, they will have more available funds to put towards buying the home of their dreams instead of having to spend the next 90 days after Christmas recovering from the money that they spent during the holidays.

    Easy To Spot Defects

    Last of all, one of the biggest benefits of buying a home during the holiday season is having the opportunity to find any defects that have developed around a home due to poor weather like rain or wind.

    By spotting defects early a homebuyer will be able to have leverage and negotiate the price down with the seller and get a great deal on the home that they really want.

    To learn more great tips about buying a home during the holidays or to view the latest Orange County homes for sale, contact Fred Sed & Associates today at (949) 272-0125.

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