4 Ways To De-Clutter And Organize Your Orange County Home

    One of the keys to success with selling an Orange County home or condo is organizing. Potential buyers do not respond positively to homes that are filled with clutter or unorganized. If you’ve hired an Orange County realtor and are getting ready to sell your home but you haven’t taken the steps to organize it, organization is a lot easier than you think.

    Step 1 – Purging  

    If you still have items in your home that are older than your children, it’s time to start purging. The best way to start purging is to go through each room of your home and create piles for things that you intend to keep, throw away or donate to charity. Once you have your piles ready it’s important to move quickly and get those items out of your home to avoid keeping things that you don’t need. For those items that you want to keep, you should place them in storage because, the more room each has, the bigger your home will look to potential buyers.

    Step 2 – Invest In Storage

    To further reduce clutter around your home, you should invest in organizers. You can find options for storage at stores like Walmart or Target for a lot less than you think and when there is less clutter in your home, it will look more organized and well maintained to home buyers. When buying storage options, make sure that you take your family members with you to the store so you can invest in storage that will work for everyone, including your children.

    Step 3 – Consider Vertical Storage Options

    If your Orange County home is short on square footage, you should consider vertical storage options like book shelves, hanging baskets and any other vertical storage option that will get your items off the ground.

    Step 4 – Make It Part Of The Schedule

    If you have a large family or children, you should make storage a part of the daily schedule and encourage everyone to put things away at the end of the day or when they’ve finished playing with toys etc. To learn more about how to de-clutter and organize your Orange County home, contact one of the top Orange County real estate agents at Fred Sed & Associates today at (949) 272-0125.   www.BestOCProperties.com www.Facebook.com/BestOCProperties www.Twitter.com/Fred_Sed

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