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    4 Simple Tips to Finding the Right Orange County Realtor

    It’s springtime in Orange County and it’s a sellers-market, this is great news for anyone who is considering selling their home and one of the best ways for sellers to easily sell and transition into a new home is by hiring an Orange County Realtor.

    How to Find the Right OC Realtor

    Tip 1 – Who do you know? If you’re like most people in Orange County, you probably know someone who has bought or sold a home in the last year so the first step is speaking with friends, family members and associates to find a top Orange County realtor for you.

    Tip 2 – Just the facts – The most important part of choosing an Orange County Real Estate agent is finding an agent who will be completely honest with you and tell you the facts that you need to know. For example: you want a realtor who will tell you if you need to spend money on a new roof or repaint your house before you can show it. Simple repairs and upgrades can mean the difference between selling a home fast or not.

    Tip 3 – What are their connections?- Marketing is the most important part of selling a home because, it can be a great house but, if nobody knows it exists, you will get less buyers looking at it and face the possibility that it will still be setting on the market 30-90 days later.

    Tip 4 – Comfort level – Before agreeing to hire an Orange County real estate agent, you should ask yourself if you feel comfortable with that agent and have confidence that they will represent your best interest.

    Is Your Realtor Happy?

    You should always choose an Orange County Realtor that loves selling or buying homes. A happy realtor will pay off and translate to more offers on your home because, buyers gravitate to real estate agents who are positive about a home and are able to paint a mental picture in their minds that makes them want to move into a home.

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